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Canadian Female - Casual - Blue Collar - Matter-of-Fact - No BS

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beer, casual, blue collar, working class, believable, conversational, canadian, north american, english

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Canadian, Canadian (West), North American


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Beer brings Canadians together from coast to coast. In times when you can catch up in person over a cold one or times when you get togethers look a little different and in times when our communities need us, beer people are, they're doing their part to help keep people safe and giving back to those who need it from our 23,000 barley farmers, our brewmasters and the 15,000 people who work in breweries across Canada to our delivery drivers, bar and restaurant servers And small business owners. To the 149,000 Canadians who helped make, sell, deliver and serve beer, who play a role in Canada's beer industry. And to the 10 million Canadian beer drinkers, cheers to you.