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Do you know how to reach people and decode body language is one of the most essential people skills. When you think about treating people, you need to understand how to cope each body language cue went to one of two bucks micro positive or a micro negative micro positive signals, interest, curiosity or engagement. Micro negative signals. Their business is interest or boredom. There is universal behavior humans do when they feel ashamed or embarrassed and it's super easy to spot. When people get embarrassed, they often touch the side of their forehead. This is a micro negative. You see this all the time when people are embarrassed. Even animators recognize this as the universal shame gesture. Why does this happen? This actually started gesture for wanting to hide or cover up or block out what is happening. Someone is very embarrassed. The forehead touch turns into a full on I block where they go from the forehead touch to the eye cover. Watch out for any time someone touches the side of their forehead or block their eyes, it likely means they are a little shamed or embarrassed and it might be time to back off. Thanks for watching