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This reel features various clips from work I have been paid to do previously, compiled by myself into a minute long demo reel.

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mhm Cage is where I earn it. This is my domain. As you may have noticed, this is not the first episode of our cases. Wish I'm actually here to officially announce that we had to push back the release date to at least mid june. Instead, we unfortunately ended up having a few issues and overall perspective placed on us regarding the process of creating an episode for the show, as well as how long it takes to do so. And the heat comes up from the pipes, like literally jim, no petty by Erik Satie and I turned the key without biting my tongue and the heart comes back on until it bleeds. And I take back with one hand when I gave with the other. But we are together in the whole night with the sun still going away and the year coming back all after ball. You can't love this process. Just hard work. Yeah, mm hmm.