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Friendly - Girl Next Door - Real Person - Teacher - Conversational - Explainer Video - Narrator - Informative - Articulate

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here's you. You have the greatest products and sliced bread, but you also have a problem. Not many people know what your product is or why they'd be interested in it. How do you solve that? Explainer videos. Now we all know the value of explaining something. But why your videos so popular for doing that? Well, there are many reasons video is great for explaining things, but one of the best is voiceover. See. Research has found that presentations with words and images are 50% more effective when the words are communicated verbally rather than visually. What explains this dual channel hypothesis, which says that the brain receives information through two channels, our eyes and our ears? Why's this important? Well, each channel has a limited capacity for comprehension, meaning too much information coming into one channel can cause an overload, interfering with comprehension. But what if some of that information was directed instead to the other unused channel? You no longer have information overload needing better comprehension of your product. Now you're thinking that's really cool. But what does that have to do with explainer videos? Well, the thing with people these days is that they get bored quickly, which is a really bummer, because there are a lot of amazing things you want to explain to them about your product. So more information you can communicate to them in a short amount of time, the better. And this is where voiceover comes in. Instead of someone's eyes having to juggle both pictures and words and visual form, they focus on the pictures with their visual channel and the words through their auditory channel, which means people will quickly understand your product before yeah, that happens.