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My first narration on ACX was this book. It was an experience to say the least. I learned a lot in the process, and it taught me how to measure the definition of \"PFH\".

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have you ever looked into a mirror at night and wondered if it is really you that is staring back at you? Do the shadows hide the truth that is too horrible to accept one that will change everything from that moment on it is said that spirits can use mirrors for travel or to communicate with this world. This is something I didn't know when a friend and I decided we wanted to try performing a seance together to see if we can communicate with something not of this world. We thought we were safe, We thought it was no big deal, we were wrong. My friend Alexis was spending the night with me that night. Her parents were out of town and they didn't want her to be in the house by herself. Really, they didn't trust her not to throw some sort of party while they were gone was the truth of the matter. They had a right to be weary since that is exactly what would have happened. But I was thrilled to have one of my best friends staying with me for a week. We had all sorts of plans from movies, makeovers and best of all a night that we planned on performing a seance. We checked out a few websites that gave instructions on how to do one and we thought it sounded creepy and cool because it was going to be the highlight of the stay. We thought we would wait until the last night, but neither of us wanted to wait so we decided it would be the perfect way to kick things off with a bang. It was nearly midnight and we had everything set up, we had found a script online of words to say to contact spirits and had printed off two copies so we could speak the words together. We had also brought candles and a few crystals that my mom had around the house. She claimed they were for protection. I just thought they looked cool. We set up in front of my closet which had mirrored doors. We had read that spirits can use mirrors to travel and communicate so we figured it couldn't hurt our chances. We took turns lighting the candles we had in front of us. The wigs caught quickly and we were bathed in the soft glowing light. At this point, Alexis went and turned off the lamp in the room, which was the only other source of illumination other than the candles at the time. We then sat down and started to recite the chant that we had selected after the first time. We sat there silent, listening for any sound that could indicate that something might be there with us. My entire body was tingling with fear and anticipation. This didn't seem like such a good idea anymore. And I was hoping nothing would happen. Alexis looked around the room before meeting my eyes. I could see the flame of a candle reflecting in them. Let's try again and see what happens as much as I didn't want to, nothing happening the first time bolstered my confidence that this wasn't going to lead to anything more than me, getting myself worked up about nothing. So once again we started our chant, calling forth any spirit to come forward and speak with us to let their presence be known. I sat there waiting for something to happen, but I no longer believed what we were doing was real. What were we thinking Anyway, we were just a couple of teenagers talking to some candles and rocks. The candles, flames didn't move, no strange temperature changes happen, no tapping or knocking noises occurred. Just silence. I let go of a breath that I didn't know I was holding and felt relieved, rushed over me. I looked over into the mirror at myself. My reflection stared back at me just like it always did. I glanced over at the space in the mirror where Alexis reflection was and her reflection looked much the same as mine did, looking as if her head was turned toward the mirror. Something about it seemed wrong though, but why? The realization hit me like I had been slept. It was wrong because Alexis wasn't looking towards the mirror, she was facing me only her reflection was turned towards her. I began to shiver uncontrollably as fear pounded through every part of my body. This wasn't real. My mind was playing tricks on me. The face in the mirror turned towards me and its mouth curved into a smile that split her face from ear to ear. The mouth began to move, but I didn't hear anything inside my head but two words, Hello, josie. The candles flickered violently, and then they were snuffed out, casting the room in complete darkness.