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Alexandra Joy Fiction Sample

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This is a sample of my work recording fictional audio books. This specific selection is from the Hunger Games, Catching Fire.
This demo included both male and female voices.

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Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Alex Levinson fiction demo. Are you planning the quarter Quell games already? I say, Oh, yes, well, they've been in the works for years. Of course, arenas aren't built in a day, but the shall we say flavor of the games is being determined now. Believe it or not, I've got a strategy meeting tonight. Plutarch steps back and pulls out a gold watch on a chain from a vest pocket. He flips open the lid, sees the time and frowns. I'll have to be going soon. He turns the watch so that I can see the face. It starts at midnight. That seems late for I say, But then something distracts me. Plutarch has run his thumb across the crystal face of the watch, and for just a moment an image appears glowing, as if lit by candlelight. It's another mocking jay, exactly like the pin on my dress Onley. This one disappears, he snaps. The watch closed. That's very pretty, I say. Oh, it's more than pretty. It's one of a kind, he says. If anyone asks about me, say, I've gone home to bed, the meetings are supposed to be kept secret, but I thought he'd be safe to tell you yes, your secrets safe with me, I say. As we shake hands, he gives a small bow, a common gesture here in the capital. Well, I'll see you next summer at the Games. Katniss best wishes on your engagement and good luck with your mother. I'll need it, I say. Plutarch disappears and I wander through the crowd looking for Peeta. A stranger's congratulate me on my engagement on my victory at the Games. On my choice of lipstick. I respond, but really, I'm thinking about Plutarch showing off his pretty one of a kind Watch to me. There was something strange about it. Almost clandestine, but why?