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for years, The driving assistance package has made your Mercedes are thoughtful and innovative partner. Even in traffic jams here, the active distance assist Astronomy HQ with active steering assist offer significant support. Not only frequent drivers know this precarious situation on the highway After a curve, the tail end of a traffic jam suddenly appears here. The G L E, with driving assistance package supports the driver. If active distance assist, astronomy with root based speed adjustment is activated. The jelly can react to information from life traffic ideally before you or the jellies, radar and cameras. Sensors can detect the end of a traffic jam. In this case, the speed will reduce to approximately 100 kilometres an hour as a precaution if you do not consciously decide otherwise. In congested traffic, the emergency corridor function is used on highways. When travelling below 60 kilometres an hour, the vehicle orients itself with swarm behaviour on surrounding vehicles and recognise lane markings if not a recognised your Mercedes orientated as before on the vehicle ahead. When the traffic jam dissipates, your G l E accelerates back to the specified speed set by active distance assist. Astronomy IQ with root based speed adjustment. The driving assistance package plus goes one step further. Additional radar sensors expand the field of view and thus enable your G L E to support the driver extensively during exhausting traffic jams. The active stop and go assist indicates the activated function in the instrument cluster. Active brake assist in the driving assistance package offers a new feature. The Turning Manoeuvre function. If there is a risk of collision due to oncoming traffic while starting your G l E into a turning manoeuvre, this function can prevent an accident. If a turning manoeuvre is indicated on, the vehicle could be stopped before crossing the lane. Markings the system Khun break autonomously if not the brakes air released so that your Mercedes Khun quickly leave the oncoming lane. In the basic version, Blindspot assist warns of impeding side collisions with other vehicles when changing lanes above approximately 10 kilometres an hour. When the radar sensors register another vehicle in the blind spot or about to enter it, a red hazard warning triangle appears in the relevant exterior mirror, depending on the given situation on audible, warning is also sounded as soon as the indicator is operated. Vehicle exit warning function is a new feature to reduce the risk of a collision at a standstill with passing road users. The radar sensors observed the blind spot toe warn passengers while opening the door. If approaching vehicles including motorcycles and bicycles are detected, the function is available up to three minutes after the ignition has been switched off. There is a visual warning in the exterior mirrors. Furthermore, if the door handle is used, an additional acoustic warning on DH. When equipped with ambient lighting, the corresponding ambient lighting elements are illuminated with flashing red lights with a flashing red light. Active blindspot assist in the driving assistance package goes one step further if the driver begins to change lanes above 30 kilometres an hour. Despite the warning, the brakes are applied on one side toe. Avoid a side on collision