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In the beginning, it was power. Power is fire, energy, nature It lights up the day it shines in the night Power creates and destroys Nothing is forever. Everything turns, everything fades. Power is a gift. A tool for progress. A gate to the future to a world of connexions. Bits and bytes one and zero. Link and share Here and there. An intelligent future everywhere. Yes, power is might. Power is strong, but it can be used right All wrong People have the power. Vespa has power to change history for my storey, Your storey across the borders, north and south, east and west. Big and small, one and old. My name is best electric and I have the power to make a change To be the change I want to see the world, the power of science, power to save the planet and some money to be brave to safe being myself. Body and brain cooling technology and dark, cleaner, smarter, more efficient and sustainable. Vesper Electrica I am the power