Grandpa doesnt know what tiktok is

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Basically, its 3 people
An Elder and Fred, A youngster (about 14 years old) named Gregory, and Amir (the main character) trying to showcase their gramps what tik tok is after a misleading of Math for Science

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Oh, hi, Jimmy. Hello. What you're doing there? I'm in actually doing someone homework from my grand kids. Oh, so yeah. Oh. So which which one is it? Let me see this one. Oh, where you're doing? Biology. Yeah, but that's not That's not math. That's science. Mm. Yeah, that's science. Hey, Gregory. In fact, um, can you kid did you give him to do this or something? Well, yeah. He told me that he wanted to help, So I'm trying to do something for him, you know, both trickery. You said this is Matt. Yeah. You said this is Matt. No, I did not say that. But why is he saying that it's math for I don't know. It's just a great great Come on. What are you doing? You made me begin to fool myself. Listen, when I was your age, I was banging at math. Alright? I might not have a good consciousness because I'm getting old, but that doesn't mean you need to make me make a fool of myself, you know? Yeah, I agree. What are you doing? Yeah, guys, guys listed. I'm just doing my job, right. What job? I gotta make Tic Tac's That's not technically your job. What's tiktok? Uh, No, Grandpa, listen, it's not your style, you know? It's not you. Listen, uh, what it doesn't mean? Look, I might not know what Tiktok is, but if you're trying to tell me what it is, then maybe maybe uh huh. Maybe I might, you know, try to help them out and then, uh, see what I mean? Like, it's not, uh, it's not. It's not a school type of thing. What is it? It's an app to do videos. Uh, what kind of videos, Greg? You want to tell them? Well, it's, you know, trying to dance like like this and stuff. What are you doing? It's trying to dance. Trying to show you get on my face. What? What? Whoa. You guys, what are you guys doing here anyways? I'm here to do my homework, and I'm just here to see you. Grandpa, What are you doing? Whatever voice going to my room. Gotta go take my pills. Word on what do you guys? All right, Grandpa? All right. All right. Bye. So you're trying to play some video games? Yeah, man, let's go. All right,