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Andy Riley Narrative. Rio Part two. Get Ready America for an overload of acuteness. We're looking back at a defining moments of 2012 and we're doing it with puppies. Why? Because it's cute news, movies, sports and more. Plus add to the fun. We've scoured the Internet for the Cubist and craziest canine clips we could find and the viral videos that made America X Y Z curl up on the couch with your best friend and get ready for a puppy. Pandemonium. This is a year in pop culture, and here we are, the final competition of the games. Fluffy Phelps and licking Lucky going snout to snout in the half meter doggy paddle and the swimmers take their marks and there they go right out of the pool. Seems locked is called a false start. No, wait. He wants to get more aerodynamic. He's taking off his cap and, uh, how he's taking off his goggles. Then there go the trunks. It looks like this doing. The pool is underway now. Incredible! Phelps is out of the pool in record time. Well, that about sums it up from the Dog Aquatic Center. This could definitely go down in the record books. Is the cute ist competition ever