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Amy Beeman demo- English, commercials, radio, tv

Voice Over • Radio Ad


Various radio and television commercial samples.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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Amy Beeman When you're at the mother of the bride or the groom or the graduate. It's one very proud day and blush bridal and special occasions has the dress that says celebrate mini victoria's a is where I met Stanley. He's a countryman. No, a mini countryman. Yeah, that's Stanley, outgoing, adventurous and as fun as they come. This three hearted blue blooded ink, spewing ninja of the sea is not only the largest octopus in the world, but thanks to its uncanny ability to camouflage. It's also the undisputed champ of underwater hide and seek. The aurora. Winter festival features four mystical world with over a million twinkling lights skating a tube slide park and more be ashamed to suddenly remembered on your way to whistler. Oh, pepper Candace summer sidewalk sale. Turn the car around. You have a favorite mechanic for your car dentist, for your teeth and advisor for your finances. But who's taking care of your greatest asset? Your skin and body poverty isn't always easy to see, especially during the holidays. People need a roof over their head clothing, a hot meal this summer look amazing. Use what Hollywood celebs do vela shape. The only FDA and health Canada approved device for cellulite reduction and body contouring. Hey honey, I'm heading to bed. Okay. Night time for a little alone time with the internet. Oh yeah, that looks good. I'm sorry, I forgot you don't look, don't look what you're on that site again. How many white caps? Jerseys do you need introducing vivo sauvignon blanc and vivo cabernet sauvignon new three liter bag in box wine? A product of chile.