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Advertisement samples for LEGOS, family-friendly Artist for a Day activity center, and October production studio. Upbeat, excited, casual, informative, conversational, genuine, authentic.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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my child has quite an imagination. His teachers say that someday he'll be doing great things right now. He's already an architect, a designer and engineer. I think he's a creative genius and thanks toa Legos, the Creative building toy. There's just no limit to what he could do. Lego's the creative diversion that helps develop a child's potential, looking for something new and exciting to dio. Get creative, come toe artists for a day and create your own works of art from our huge selection of pottery shapes, glass fusing and canvas painting mix and match paints for colorful one of a kind designs. Everyone says you need to make a marketing video. Why? Because there's a 41% higher click through rate for search results that include video October dot TV can help make that happen.