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Warning: The following content WILL make you want to BUY WHAT THIS GIRL IS SELLING! Listen as Andrea guides you through a variety of commercial samples all oozing with friendly energy.

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dear restaurants, thanks for handling the heat and the dishes for the rogue onion ring that ends up in our fries and for discovering the miracle of bacon stuffed lobster without you. We wouldn't be grubhub, we'd just be hub. Some of us are on a quest to find what works or what doesn't to find a fresh start. Sometimes it can take a while. That's okay because what we're really trying to do is find ourselves. Mercy College can help with that. So you learned how to make egg toast. Really good. That's cool. But can you make egg toast really good while humming perfectly on key while accompanying yourself on the UKe, which you record and mix and launch and release, shaking the core of the underground scene. Or you could just make egg toast really good. There's so much new to know masterclass kids are picky and they only get pickier. So bring on your toughest critics. The platt isn't cool. I don't wear purple anymore crowd. We can choose clothes, they'll love but we can't make them clean their rooms. We aren't wizards stitch fix kids style made easy, California's great America has done the impossible. They've taken the California coastline and poured it into the park with the pacific surge slides to get hearts racing, tide pool, lagoon for the little ones, new restaurants and comfy cabanas, so jump in and enjoy your savings can do more than just sit there and there and here Visa can help you put your money to work Visa, Credit Union