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Relaxing guided meditation in English

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Find a comfortable poster, keeping your back straight, your shoulders, relaxed, your jaw, relax and slowly slowly close your eyes, OK. And connect with this very moment. The only moment that really exists now. Yeah. And then take a few deep breaths. Enjoying that space in your body, feel this air in your lungs. Yes. And slowly begin to observe your natural breathing. It's not necessary to control anything. Just observe how the breath flows naturally in and out. Keep observing your natural breathing, observe your breath, observe your breath, keeping your eyes closed, slowly shift your focus to your heart center in the middle of your chest and just connect a moment with yourself with your inner divine your higher self. Stay in this connection and just be with you and slowly slowly come back and bring your attention in your body again, feel your body and feel how your body sinks into the ground and is connected with the earth and take a few deep breaths, expanding your lungs, fill this space in your body and slowly slowly begin to move your fingers, your toe, your head and give yourself this mu movements that are feeling good for the body and in your own time you can gently open your eyes again. Mhm.


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