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Okay. Our first expert is Claire Lindemann. Claire, introduce yourself your high hailing. My name is Claire and I am professional chocolate taster. Or if you want the fancier name, I'm a chocolate sensory technologists. Hey, clear what make you a chocolate expert? Well, I have a master's degree in the art of gastronomy, which that's another fancy word. Basically for food, things we put in our belly. And I have that from Boston University. And then when I figured out that chocolate is really my passion, what I did is I attended the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacau, tasting in Chicago on I had to do 400 hours of practical work in order to become a professional chocolate taste. Had to eat chocolate for 400 hours. Not consecutively, but yeah, Theo, First expert Cecilia's introduce yourself. Sure, Heisey combining a Celia Swanson and I'm the author of a series of Children's books about a kid detective called Dakota the Decoder. Thank you, Celia. Thank you. Have a question for Celia. Yes, I dio Why did you become a detective? Well, I actually am not a detective. I just want to tell the truth right now. I I am an author, as I've said of Children's books, but I am also a former journalist. I worked for the New Yorker, where I interviewed detectives from around the world to understand their police forces. Okay, and the reason I like to do that is my Uncle Bobby was a detective in a vice squad in Nassau County when I was younger, and I used to love to hear his stories.