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Female voiceover spots for Liberty Mutual, Nordstrom, Nike, Delta and BMW

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance protects you against the unexpected. This is Kyle. He's eight years old, Lives across the cul de sac and likes Rockets, Kyle is very unexpected and that's why we're here. Liberty Mutual since 1912. Wow. Is that homeland security when second best just won't do Nordstrom embrace excellence. We don't hide behind corporate platitudes, we don't subordinate our values for profit. We stand with you when you stand against injustice and we kneel with you when it's time to make a statement. We are Nike living our values every single day. Tara and Alex Tara works for that other airline, the one where inmates, um, passengers are squeezed together and repeatedly warned about the consequences of bad behavior. Alex works for Delta, smiling as he hands you your morning coffee and helping you get the slightly overstuffed carry on into the overhead. That other airline Delta. It's not a difficult choice. Oh, you drive a BMW. That's what the other moms say, but it's not about being fancy. My X five has the highest safety rating of any suv on the road and with three kids, that's what matters. Of course the heated leather seat and moon roof are kind of cool too