Before Breakfast



This is the description of a monodrama tittled as Before Breakfast written by the most noted playwright of international repute Eugene Gladstone O' Neil

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Indian (General)


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a small room, serving both as kitchen and dining room on a flat on Christopher Street, Yurok City. And that really, to the right, a door leading to the outer Harvey on the left. Off the door be a sink on a two born and gaster. I will stop and extending to the left ball a wooden closet, 40 Chas Exeter and left to windows, looking out on fire escape. There, several ported plants are dying off, neck lit before the fiddles. A table covered that oil clock. You came. Bottom chance are placed by the table, understands against the wall to the right off door and red and rightful rail. A doorway leading into a bedroom. Father forward. Different verticals off a man's and woman's clothing. Ah hung on pegs. The clothes line a strong from the left corner, rare to the rightful forward. It is about a 30 in the morning off a fine sunshine ity on the early for