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go ahead and look up how to be happy. Actually don't bother because I'm going to tell you what you'll find, eat nutritious foods exercise every day, Get fresh air, take long walks in nature, meditate, find a hobby, take time for yourself, read a book, listen to music, get up early, spend time with friends, play, do yoga, practice gratitude, get enough sleep. Does that about cover it? I suppose that's solid advice if you're living at a spa resort with no kids work house or responsibilities to tend to, that all sounds entirely doable for the rest of us. Get real people. I have a little more free time now that my kids are older, but when I had littles I was lucky to get a peanut butter and jelly, sandwich scrap and a five minute shower spending time with friends that would require a sitter, listen to music. Sure if you count the cartoon music, meditate. Kind of hard to do when someone is tugging on your leg yelling, Hey mommy, if chasing a toddler across the play area before he tumbled, head over heels, counted as exercise, then check and sleep. You're kidding right? Even now that they're somewhat independent and off to school, I'm still finding it difficult to practice all those wonderful happiness habits because here's the thing I know what I'm supposed to be doing according to the experts, there's something getting in the way I'm thinking the key to lasting happiness isn't so much in a yoga pose, but in clearing up enough headspace to even be able to think about yoga in the first place because that's what it boils down to, isn't it, creating the space to make those habits part of our everyday routines. The trouble isn't knowing what to do, It's finding the energy and the time to do it. So that's where we begin.