Antonio McCoy is a signature voice for radio station imaging, auto dealerships, concerts, and narration. However he is not limited to only these types of projects. Personal Website: (Website hidden) He possesses an an urban sound with a good deal of range which allows him to be very versatile with his voice. Vocal Age Range: 20's to mid 30's When asked what Antonio's business philosophy was he responded with the following statement, "Please the client, let them know everything upfront, and get as much info from them as you can about what they need from you before production. There would be no you, without the client." Antonio is able to fully produce spots so if you're looking for a one stop shop....Antonio McCoy is the voice of choice! KEYWORDS: imaging, production, versatile, big, announcer, strong, energy, deep, hard sell, soft sell, urban, upbeat, friendly, African American Personal Website: (Website hidden)

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