From Woman to Wind



Voice over performance of an original piece written by the voice over artist.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) US African American


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it is true. Most things for me are intriguing, delightful, but not deeply and wholly desirable. And there's you the invisible storm that escaped the radar of my senses. Before I could name it. You peeled me of all defenses. It took me time. Though everyone knows I love a good storm, the kind that renovates all the things we call. Sure. And so since you did what you said you'd never do, I did, too. I followed you with an open heart gushing life full of rushing memory of times. Yet come I offered as a sacrifice the only one who could get in the way. She advised me to go, but I fought her to stay. And if staying means transforming from woman to win, then I am all in. You hear that I am all in. I am standing on the edge of my cliff, gazing down at the deep. I am more than willing to fall. I am ready to leap. It will surely be the death or the transcendence of me, she said. Play it safe. I begged her to let me live, she said, Stay away from the edge. But I knew something had to give. It was me. It was me that had to give because being realistic is nothing like choosing to live. I just may be gutted from within standing starry eyed spirit days in trail, splayed on the precipice of my in. Then let me. I just may be branded a fool for choosing my yes for taking the duplicitous honor of applause for pretense. Then let me I just maybe tossing my body over the edge of everything I was advised against. So write me off as another loss that's beyond being found. And let me then build a monument from the ashes on the ground where I last stood right me down and dust to be blown into the vibration of sound I shed my skin and all their in called back my spirit and became the wind woman I am no more I know no sin I've called back my soul and become the wind This is where me ends and I began