DEATH (Chapter 2)

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A little story I wrote for funsies. Just to give an example of my chops and voice.

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Chapter two language watching confusion, Confusion is sort of a safe zone for mortals. It is a place where the realm of certainty is just not known. And because of this, the ability to formulate a response isn't the primary source of thought. Instead, the mouth stands a gape and the hands turn palm up as if to grasp for some semblance of an idea. Lauren couldn't help but hold this stance once they stopped on the very edge of the shore. The aforementioned ship was approaching rather rapidly, and despite this, Tom stood there calmly while catching his breath. The hum became louder and louder, the reverberations filling the rands, ribs and spine until she felt her whole upper body tingle, ecstatic against a glass screen. She flinched at this and thought it better to take to her knees. Well, well, Tom said with his hands on his hips. You're actually taking this better than most. Tom regretted this optimism immediately, as a slew of clear, glowing ectoplasm port from Lauren's mouth and nose. In rapid yet steady flowing, she quietly retched it out against the floor of the shore while her fingers dug into the colorless sand. The hum grew and grew much like sped up footage of a flower blooming in spring until the mighty ship slid against the dark wooden dock that hosted a line of waiting souls who were ready to tie the ship down. The vessel was rather large, considering that it was only picking up the one soul for recording that being Lauren's. But then again, this was its first of many stops. Come now. Tom reached to Lauren once he felt she could stand and helped her up from the ship itself. Kyron stood right at the very tip of the helm. He looked down upon the field of grasping dead hands and saw two little dots make their way towards his ship. His sunken eyes flitted between the dots and the souls that were tying the ship to port, the heavy book that bore information pressed against his thin frame securely as the ship jerked gently against the waves. I feel that I must elaborate that Chiron didn't ever so much speak as whisper. He never breathed in or out, and the only thing that would provide any sort of sound would be the sea air hitting his throat. But even a whisper can be powerful, and anyone who heard it would feel it's cold. Fingers tickle their being with cold dread. You know, Chae Rin softly hissed from his thin, pursed lips. The stopwatch that was secured to his pocket via a long iron chain was grasped in his bony fingers, of which the index was tapping against the start button. I'm going to be dreadfully disappointed if this soul doesn't board promptly. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that, sir. A short and muscularly stout male by the name of Jacoby cleared his throat before speaking again. One soul shouldn't be too much trouble. Kyron turned his head to the side so his eyes could gaze over the little man. I say, man, but in the most sense of reality, he was more of an imp. He stood as tall as a compact broom and dustpan. You know, the kind you can use, standing up only reaching that height because his hoofed goat legs allowed him to stand taller than others of his ilk. Two straight half meter horn stuck above his wild, dark blue hair, therefore adding to his height. His nose was pointed, as was his chin. But his face was full and expressive, with the base of his horns resting just above his well groomed eyebrows. His skin was a very deep red, that fame to the shade of a rich merlot being pierced with sunlight, and his movements flowed just as easily with his muscles smoothly rippling beneath his thick hide. Jacoby also hosted a very interesting talent, which was to be able to speak the language of the mortal plane to. Kobe also hosted a very interesting talent, which was to be able to speak the language of the mortal plane. Jacobs Kind only knew the language of the everything else and therefore would have a horrendous time trying to help guide those who came off the great vessel to a safe place on the shore. Most souls, as they do, would make the leap from confusion to absolute shock and horror. When the alien beings ran up to them, speaking in a tongue that could only be described as Welsh but with more broken glass gargling. Those of Jacoby's ilk, which I will continue to call imps, were completely befuddled when Jacoby managed to soothe the soul of a child that had reached the shore. After falling through the tunnel, the child was oblivious to what had occurred and, as such had no fear of the red being that stood before them. The mortal languages a tongue that all mortals use once they pass into the tunnel, the accent of their native land remains, but all of the words are the same. Something about being dead turns off the filter that requires translation and instead integrates all of the known tongues into an infinite library where the souls receptors just pick up on what's being said. It is instant, painless and very helpful to the living. However, it is nothing but white noise, a sort of background gust of wind that carries bits of consonants like leaves into infinity mediums and psychics that actually can pick up the white noise, try their best to interpret and share their experience. However, this causes Cassandra itis and leaves many mortal skeptical. I am curious, though Jacoby clasped 13 fingered hand into the other against the base of his back, as if to pace. I haven't seen a stop for one soul in some time. Chiron had still turned toward the side, nodded faintly. Mm oh Yes. True. True. I am not going to lie to you. I wanted to skip this stop altogether. Mhm Orders are orders to Kobe. Even if we both are gasping for a cup of tea and a biscuit. A moment of silence passed. Yeah, the biscuit does sound rather nice to Kobe. Nodded. Yes, it does. Another moment. The, uh the double chocolate once. Oh, no, I I will have to disagree with you on that. You need to have at least one side free so it can soak up the flavor. A soul called from below announcing that the ropes were secure. That, uh, that removes any Chris *****, sir. That's the point. You do not want to have a biscuit that is covered so much that it cannot absorb the t. One of the two specs awaiting passage down below were calling up to Tyronne. But think about it. I mean, the chocolate can melt. Kyron turned around, his cheeks slightly sucked in as he frowned, Jacoby Jacoby felt his long pointed ears lower. So much so that they peeked out from beneath his mess of a main. Uh huh. Sorry, sir. Meanwhile, on the shore, both Tom and Lauren were getting closer to the ship. During these few moments, Lauren had an awed epiphany as the following words escaped Tom's lips. Good day to you, Lord Chiron. What? She stopped walking. What? What? Tom replied. Still walking ahead, Lauren looked at her hands. The once pale flesh was now an ashen shade of purple that seemed to have a translucent glowy or a wrapping around her bare skin. Her green jumper was no longer on her. Instead, there was a black velvet gown that reached down to her knees that was tied at the waist with a red rope. Even though she could not feel the ground beneath her feet. No shoes adorned them when she ran her hands through her long hair to look to see if it had changed. It indeed had long, wavy platinum tresses that seem to float this way in that we're now her new locks. It was then her brain decided to complete the mathematics problem by filling in some blanks the war near her homeland, plus the massive threat of bombs, plus no memory of traveling to the weird land of hand fields, plus the sudden change in her Vasicek plus the immensity Massive ship with a sale that was confusingly threatening. Plus, the name Chiron all equals. Oh, my cuts, she muttered and sank to her knees again. Ah, careful now, Tom continued walking a smirk spreading across his face. You don't want all Mr Grumpy Bones to hear you say that, My gods Lauren kept running her hands through her platinum hair in disbelief. Tom went to speak again, but realized that the soul he was escorting was nowhere near him. How now he retraced his steps back to her and took a moment to scan her composure or lack thereof. Are you all right, pet? Asking someone if they are all right whilst they are in a state of dress can be quite tricky. It's akin to walking up to a cactus and licking it to see if it tastes okay, You have a minute chance to actually find something pleasant and reassuring from either instance. Most of the time, though, you end up biting and sucking on your tongue, wishing you hadn't done that in the first place. Lauren looked to Tom while gripping what strands of hair she had in her hands. She could feel a fire behind her eyes as very cold, viscous tears use down the sides of her cheeks. Tom, in response, held up his hands. Oh, now, Loren, Loren, listen to me. Have I all right? Lauren breathed out. Each word that traveled out of her mouth came out in a glowy puff of vapor. Are you blind? Top? Look at me. Do I look all right to you? Tom knelt down and gently placed one of his hands against the side of her face. The other hand made a way to her shoulder, Lauren Tom said in the quietest rendition of his voice that Lauren had heard so far. I I know how difficult this is. Everyone that has come here has been in the exact same situation as you, and no one seems to be the wiser. The soft, warm brushing of Tom's thumb against the side of her face made Lauren take a breath. What did I do wrong? Nothing. You lived love. You followed your thread all the way to the base of the tapestry, and you ended up here. As a result. That's exactly what you were intended to do. Thread, tapestry. I don't understand you I don't understand what is happening to me. I don't want to be here. I need to go home. Tom's bright eyes dimmed a little. The hand that was resting against Lawrence Shoulder was now being brought up to his mouth so he could chew on his thumbnail. He was thinking Lauren. He spoke past his thumb. I really want to help you. As long as we are sat here and not on the ship. There's no way that I can. My time on this side of the shore is limited, and so is yours. If you stay too long, you're already I want to go back. Lauren whimpered. I don't belong here, but you do, Tom said this time, holding both of her hands in his. And if you follow me, I promise you I will help you understand and get through this. You have to trust me, please, for both our sakes, my dear, a whisper flew from behind Tom and reach Lauren's being. I would recommend taking his advice. Tom could see Lauren's bright blue eyes widen, and the ecto tears gathered along the lower lids. Her dark gray lips opened in a wordless whisper of breath. the familiar demeanor of one who has seen the captain of the ferry for the first time extended on her face like chocolate spread on bread. Good day to you again, Lord Chiron. Tom said this while still focusing on the ran. He forced a pleasant smiles to his voice with some cheery Come to see to us personally, I prefer not to. Tom Tom gripped Lawrence hands very gently before standing up. She absentmindedly followed suit while the tears still flowed. Lauren Tom began. This is Chiron, Chiron, this is I know who she is while in a room with a ceiling that is far too high for it to be feasible. Sometimes the notion that gravity could switch itself off at any second will pop up in certain people. This is followed by the pit of the stomach sinking further, while the imagination wonders to itself. What's it like to fall up? When Chiron began to bend at the waist to get a closer look at Lauren, she felt this as well and began to lean back away from the captain of the ferry. She swallowed and gripped Tom's hands. Lauren Valle Mina shelter. It is nice to meet you. Chiron continued to bow slowly, one armed tucking under his torso to keep his beard from landing on Tom. His face reached toward Lawrence, and he was a foot above hovering over the both of them like a thin canopy. I've been asked to escort you both to the other side of sticks. There was a pause. Mm, although he continued, Why Tom was assigned to you is far beyond me. Only Tom looked up. I'll have you know, that I'm more than a girl. Tom's words were stifled as Chiron's other hand gently wrapped around his head. If you would be so kind Miss Shelter, he said as he released his beard and picked up Lauren by the waist with ease, We need to make our next appointments. It is vital to mention that Lauren had been overcome with awe, fear and a deeply pitted stomach to even argue she was now in a place where control over her circumstances meant nothing. There was no way out of this, and the only way to move on was forward. This is it, she thought. This is it