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when we defined a new purpose for the company helping business and communities fried by advancing communists in the financial world. Little did we know what a defining purpose it would be for these times, despite the obstacles here today. And the uncertainties are tomorrow we know when we help our businesses and communities thrive, we thrive. It may feel like we've never been farther apart. The reality is we've never been closer as one. If I s, we have shaped innovation for new achievements leading like we've always done. But in ways we've never had to do it before, driven by our values, we are rising to the occasion. This is our challenge and now opportunity empowering those around us. We continue to assist commerce, moving transactions around the globe, serving the world's largest banks and then needs of our own homes. Each one of us is making a powerful impact to our colleagues for our clients in our communities. It's not always easy, important thing, Selma. And that's why we need you and all of us working today at a distance but side by side all over the world, working for tomorrow, working together and together we are one f I s Our storey is many storeys. We'd love to hear yours