Stop Reacting and Start Responding:108 Ways to Transform Behaviour into Learning Moments

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What's proactive parenting? You fell in love with your child. The moment here she took their first breath. You knew you would walk over hot coals for this child, and no one really wants to walk over hot coals gazing into the eyes of your new born over. Come with love. It never occurred to you that you would use yelling to correct behavior you wanted to teach and calmly correct your child. You wanted to empower and support him or her, but now you found yourself yelling and punishing again and again. Truth be told, you're emotionally worn out. You're not sure that yelling and punishing even works, but it's all you've got, so you do it again and again. You don't want anyone to know how frustrated you really are. And you long for a way to do this parenting thing. Conley with confidence and authority instead of rushing around reacting and acting like someone you swore you'd never become. Does that sound about right? It's not my job to tell you what to do or how to parent. Nobody appreciates that. Yet every parent I have ever met asks me the same question in one way or another. They want to know. Am I doing this the right way? Well, I harm my child. By the way, I'm parenting. I don't know you. And yet I do know you. You are the expert on your child. You know what works with your child and what doesn't. Despite all that you know about your child and your parenting, you're still looking for a fresh perspective to invigorate you and your parenting some new ideas that actually work ways to teach instead of punish and ways to empower instead of threaten how to remain connected to your child So he or she will hear you ways to manage the things that are emotionally draining you the tantrums, disrespect, arguing outbursts and the constant need to correct behavior. Good news. That's where a proactive parenting can help. Let me be very clear. Change requires a strategy. Ah, plan. In order to reach your goal, especially when you're emotionally worn out and easily triggered without a plan, you can get confused and fall into a quake. Meyer of non action Proactiv Parenting is all about strategies and options of what to do. You choose what you think will work for you and your child. You choose what feels right. What sounds like you. You choose what will work with your child's temperament, your values and rules. No one should tell you how to parent because every choice you make will teach you and your child something about yourselves and each other.