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Since I was young and I love to discover the cultures of peoples, but I did not have opportunities to travel to countries because of financial problems and because of studying. So I decided to study and learn many languages

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Well, Mr Smith, if you prefer different type of knows, we have a large selection of Abel dot I think this nose is a bit too small dot Small noses are very fashionable this year, Mr Smith. Very fashionable dot Do you think it suits me? Asked Mr Smith dot I think it looks very nice, said the shop assistant dot Okay, I'll take it. Exclamation point on the Airbus home. Mr. Smith called his wife on his wrist phone dot Hello, dear, Do you like my new nose question mark? Mrs. Smith looked at her husband's new nose on the videophone monitor on the wall in the kitchen. I think it's a bit too small. Idiot, she said. Dot Small noses are very fashionable this year, replied Mr Smith, Very fashionable. It's also easy now fought, Mr Smith. 100 years ago, it was impossible to change your body. We're almost impossible. There was the old fashioned plastic surgery, but it was expensive, painful and dangerous Hug. Now, thanks to our 22nd century genetic engineering, we can change our bodies when we want