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MERCK for Mothers celebrated its 10 years of progress and impact on global health. My voice-over was a video narration of a middle-aged African female with a believable, conversational, and informative voice. I used an African English and Nigerian English. Client rated me at 5-stars.

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


African (General) Kenyan (East Africa) Nigerian


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it takes a lot to be a mother for a decade and counting mark for mothers has been working to help prevent childbirth from taking a woman's life. At the heart of the maternal mortality crisis is Nigeria, the country with the greatest number of maternal deaths annually. These deaths devastate families but also weaken communities and the economy. In 2012, the Saving Mothers Giving life initiative set out to change those statistics forever. A collaboration with Pathfinder International strengthen both the public and private sectors so that more women in the country could receive quality maternity care. It fortified Nigeria's existing mixed health systems with training across the board to close the gaps between the public services and private practises, digital engagement for instant health information and remote support, education on contraception, community involvement to promote safer deliveries and collaboration with the Ministry of Health to provide long term sustainability of high quality maternity care. In Nigeria's cross river state, the initiatives saw a 66% reduction in maternal mortality in three years. Progress much more meaningful than a simple number can convey. Birthing mothers may face daunting odds, but thanks to improvements in Nigeria's healthcare system, they now have the strength to beat those odds more and more every day