The Hobbit book sample



A sample of my hobbit book audiobook.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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It sounded truly terrifying. The walls echoed to the class snap and the crush and smash and to the aly laughed off the whole, oh my lad. The dull meaning of the song was only too plain for now. The goblins took out whips and whipped them with a whisk and a smack and set them running as fast as they could in front of them. And more than one of the dwarves were already jamming and bleating like anything. When they stumbled into a big cabin, it was lit by a great red fire in the middle and by torches along the walls and it was full of goblins. They all laughed and stabbed and clapped their hands. When the dwarves with poor little Bilbo at the back and nearest to the wisp came running in while the gobbling drivers whooped and cracked their whips behind them. The ponies were already there huddled in a corner and they were all and they were all the baggages and packages lying broken open and being rummage by goblins and smelled by goblins and fingered by goblins and quelled over by goblins. I'm afraid that was the last I ever saw of those excellent little ponies, including a jolly, sturdy little white fellow that Elvin had lent to Gandalf since his horse was not suitable for mountain paths, for gobbling, eat horses and ponies and donkeys and other much more dreadful things. And they are always hungry just now. However, the prisoners were thinking only of themselves, the goblins ching their hands behind their backs and linked them all together in a line and dragged them too far to the far end of the cabin with little Bilbo chocked at the very back end of the row. Then the shadows of a large flat stone sat a tremendous coupling with a huge head and armed couplings were standing around him carrying the axes and the bent sword that they used. Now couplings are cruel, wicked and bad hearted. They make no beautiful things but they make many clever ones. They can tunnel and mine as well as any but the most skilled wolves. But then, but they take the trouble though. They are unusually untidy and dirty hammers, axes, swords, daggers, pick axes, tongues and also instruments of torture. They make very well and get other people to make to that design prisoners and slaves that have to work till they die for, warned of air and light. It is not unlikely that they invented some of the machines that had since troubled the world, especially the IOUs devices for killing large numbers of people at once, for wheels and engines and explosions always delighted them and also not working with their own hands more than they could help. But in those days and those wild parts, they had not advanced as it is called so far. They did not hate wolf, especially, nor more than they hated everybody and everything and particularly the orderly and precious in some parts, wicked dwarves had even made alliances with them, but they had a special grutch against foreign people because of the war, which you have heard mentioned. But which does not come into this tale in any way. Goblins don't care who they catch as long as it is done. Smart and secret and the prisoners are not able to defend themselves. Who are these miserable persons? Said the great goblin.