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Bobby Doughnuts - E! Entertainment Oscar recap feature

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There's one night that can't be missed. Oscar Night e Joint, Leo Burnett and Samsung to go beyond the live transmission sponsorship by creating a 100% customized project for the most glamorous and commented red carpet of the year. The production kicked off with the Samsung Galaxy s tens. International Launch E brought its red carpet expertise to San Francisco and covered in exclusively using the new Samsung smartphone. Days later, the live from E Academy Awards percentage by Samsung was born. We started with an on air sponte and social media posts, inviting the audience toe watch the live show on Sunday. Later, 30 minutes before the Red Carpet Live show, the hosts talked about their expectations for the awards. While the smartphone was inserted organically in the segment with product placement interactions with Samsung's as 10 main features and customized hashtags to continue conversation on social media, the results were phenomenal.