The Legend of Holly Claus with characterizations and accents

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Produced at Bardsholm Studios on Oct. 12, 2022

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the legend of holly claus. By Brittany Ryan in forever. The land of the immortals. The first snowflake was always silver. Father christmas watched it swirl and twist from the heavens. It lay shimmering on the great crystal stairs that lead to the palace and then the rest came just a few at first before dozens and hundreds and thousands spiraled through the air in the lacy ballet. Soon the stairs, the terrace and the vast gardens beyond were cloaked in snow. The stone nymphs that lulled in the reflecting pool, reached up their graceful stone arms and caught the feathery crystals in their palms. The bronze horses at the top of the clock tower touched noses and we need shaking snow from their manes and the trees on the avenue, usually so stiff and dignified, forgot themselves and swayed back and forth, their branches rippling in the white air. Father christmas, who is known to some as Nicholas claus and too many as santa claus flung open the window with a shout of exhilaration like new every year. That jolt the wide, brilliant burst of light that started the season each year. Yes, it was here impulsively. He leaned as far out of the window as he could and caught a handful of snowflakes. He spun around and hurled them wildly into the room. A hen, a sorrowful looking goblin brushed the snow from his immaculate jacket. Oh, Milky er sorry old friend, sorry, called Nicholas jubilantly. It's the first snow Malki er the first snow. And do you know what this means? He clapped the goblin on the back, causing him to wince. It means that the christmas season has begun. It means, Said Milky or primly, that there are letters to read and list to make, and the letters, Are they here? Ah, Milky or you know how much I love the letters, Nicholas face softened.