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Youthful read for a series of eLearning modules teaching kids Spanish. Teenager voice over in Spanish to teach kids Spanish.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


North American (General) Spanish (South American - Colombian)


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Here's some of the words I know. Hola. Elliot means hi Elliot felice means happy madre means mother bogota is the capital city of Colombia, where my cousin lives, Cinco anos means five years. Semana means we. Have you noticed that little accent on top of the letter I. This is called a chill day. It helps us to pronounce the words correctly in spanish. When we see a tilde in a word we know we have to stress that syllable. For example, theo. We stress the syllable T dear. We also stress the syllable D. Let's try. These other words. Remember to stress the syllable that has the tilde baby, baby, we stress the second syllable bay. It means baby baby means baby lapis, la. We stress the syllable la. It means pencil, lapis means pencil balloon balloon. We stress the syllable loan, it means ball balloon means ball