Audiobook: \"Call of the Wild\" Fiction/Narrator/Classic



Audiobook Excerpt from \"Call of the Wild\" by Jack London

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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bucks. First day on the Di e beach was like a nightmare. Every hour was filled with shock and surprise. He had been suddenly jerked from the heart of civilization and flung into the heart of things primordial. No lazy sun kissed life was this with nothing to do but loaf and be bored. Here was neither peace nor rest, nor a moment safety. All was confusion and action. And every moment life and limb were in peril. There was an imperative need to be constantly alert for these dogs and men were not town dogs and men. They were savages, all of them who knew no law but the law of club and Fang. He had never seen dogs fight as thes wolfish creatures fought and his first experience taught him an unforgettable lesson. It is true. It was a vicarious experience. Elsie would not have lived the profit by it. Currently was the victim. They were camped near the log store where she and her friendly way made advances to a husky dog the size of a full grown wolf. Though not half so large is she? There was no warning Onley a leap in like a flash a metallic clip of teeth. Ah, leap out equally Swift and Curly's face was ripped open from I to jaw. It was the wolf manner of fighting to strike and leap away. But there was more to it than this 30 year 40 Huskies ran to the spot and surrounded the combatants in an intent and silent circle. Buck did not comprehend that silent intent nous, nor the eager away with which they were licking their chops currently rushed her antagonised, who struck again and leapt aside. He met her next rush with his chest in a peculiar fashion that tumbled her off her feet. She never regained them.