Audiobook: \"Tell No One\" Fiction/Mystery/Dialogue



Audiobook excerpt from \"Tell No One\" by Harlan Coban.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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Mark was my five year old nephew. Sometime during our senior year, Shauna started dating my older sister, Linda. They had a commitment ceremony seven years ago. Mark was the by product of, well, their love. With a little help from artificial insemination, Linda carried him to term, and Sean adopted him. Being somewhat old fashioned. They wanted their son to have a male role model in his life. Enter me next to what I see at work were talking Ozzie and Harriet. No prob. I said. I want to see the new Disney film anyway. The new Disney chick is a babe and 1/2 Shauna said, their hottest since Pocahontas. Good to know, I said. So where are you and Linda going? Beats the **** out of me. Now that Lesbians of Sheikh, our social calendar is ridiculous. I almost long for the days when we hit in closets. I ordered a beer. Probably shouldn't have, but one wouldn't hurt. Shauna ordered 12 So you broke up with what's her name? She said Brandy, right? Nice name, By the way, she had a sister named Whiskey. We only went out twice. Good. She was a skinny witch Besides, I got someone perfect for you. No, thanks. I said she's got a killer bod. Don't set me up, Shauna, please. Why not remember the last time you set me up with Cassandra, right? So what was wrong with her? Well, for one thing, she was a lesbian. Christ back. You're such a bigot. Her cell phone rang. She leaned back and answered it. But her eyes never left my face. She barked something and flipped the mouthpiece up. I have to go. She said. I signaled for the check. You're coming over tomorrow night. She pronounced, I find the gasp. The lesbians have no plans. I don't. Your sister does. She's going stag to the big Brandon. Scope Formal. You're not going with her? Yeah, Why not? We don't want to leave Mark without us two nights in a row. Linda has to go. She's running the trust now. Me? I'm taking the night off, so come over tomorrow night. OK? I'll order in. We'll watch videos with Mark