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British, England - North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire), England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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Well, look at you. You're a V I p now elevated to the ranks of greatness. History will remember your name. Well, Laura will remember your name at least as long as you keep serving her nine piece bucket warm and crispy out of the fryer. Oh, you thought you wouldn't have to do that anymore. Hate to disappoint, but as a KFC store manager, you will have more responsibilities, not fewer. Let's see what they look like. N HS procedure Request approval Officer Training module. For in this module we will cover the difference between fully and partially elective procedures. How to define urgent need. Went to refer a case to a senior case officer for signs of fraud. Different ways. Elective coverage at the N. H s can be abused. Click forward to continue. Martha thought it would be fun to let the bunny run outside, but now no one could find the bunny. Everyone is very worried because there are lots of ways for a bunny to get in trouble in the schoolyard. This's why listening to the teacher is important. Maintenance of lymphatic permeability is essential for normal lymphatic function during adulthood. But the precise signalling pathways that control lymphatic junctions during development are not fully elucidated. G Couple AM a dreamer module in signalling pathway, is required for embryonic the Meiji era Genesis on the maintenance of lymphatic junctions during adulthood. Frank. Thanks for stopping by. I just had a call from the general manager of the Hilton in Cape Town. Can you tell me exactly what happened? Well, some of the crew got a little out of sorts a bit too much of the local punch. I think it didn't amount to much, though. That's not what the hotel says. They're claiming almost £10,000 in damage on a threatening not to let our flight crew stay there again. This isn't acceptable. How in the world did they get a sheep in the pool?