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Europe Euro Fashion Brand Commercial

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why is quality so expensive and accessible for so few? Why does a pair of really nice sunglasses cost up to €500 to buy when it costs less than €50 to make? Where does the rest of this money go? And why are we fine with not knowing? What about all of us? Who just want high quality that makes our everyday life a tiny bit nicer without the status and aspiration that comes with logos? What would consumption look like if we could start over, Could we make it responsible? Can we buy less? Buy, buying better? Could there be frying pans that don't get scratched organic coffee pods that are both tasty and biodegradable weekend bags that last for a lifetime? What the **** could they last for? More than one? Can we turn the whole thing upside down? What if there is a way to get high quality at a fraction of the price we've been used to? What if there was a brand that offered products as a service, not a source of income, something like a streaming platform similar to how we enjoy music? What if we could subscribe and get access to responsibly made products by some of the world's best manufacturers at the price of what they cost to make? Last question, when we look back, what would we think of the old way of paying for things when we get used to this uncompromised life essentials? At the price of what they cost to make welcome to the next generation of retail