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What is information security or info sec for short, your employer stores information that must be protected and we protect that information by using processes such as cybersecurity training as you are participating in right now, let's look at this case study to find out more. The main message here is that anyone can get hacked. So it's important that controls are in place to reduce the risk. It's also worth knowing that hacking is not always about money. Sometimes it's about destroying or manipulating data. How do we prevent a hacker from accessing our data? Let's start with physical security protocols. In january 2021 the National Council for Mental Well being with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an online needs assessment of more than 600 youth ages 13 to 18 to assess the impact of covid 19 on youth state of mind, knowledge of and access to substance use, prevention programming and effective messaging. 41% of youth reported they had not spoken with someone about the dangers associated with substance use since the pandemic began and 20% had such conversations only once or twice when at work, you must always pay attention to risk factors and minimize exposure to hazardous materials. Employees performing the following tasks are at risk for occupational exposure, behavior plans, intervention applied behavior analysis A. B. A one on 1, intervention, maintenance and repair of clinics