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You won't recognize Bob in any of the following character voices.

Bob's versatility will bring your character to life.

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) Spanish (Latino) Standard Mandarin Chinese


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meet Bob. Bob is proud of his success as an entrepreneur. You come in and taste, Papa que sesame poke ready for orders. Hey, get off my lawn! Go on, scoot. My name is Jetta Kalitta. This is my house in my backyard. I grow lots of plants. Good. That one's dead. He won't cost trouble anymore. Awaiting orders. Call Murad. Get a job. Et I Water products will test your water. Absolutely free. So you don't have to wonder whether your water might have excessive hardness. Chlorine lead. Twice the week before Christmas, many workers were stirring, making holiday memories for guests from far and near but decent dice. Coming with me, Liz Town ain't big enough for the two of us. Bartender, give me a whiskey. You'll have to pay for it. And not only you, your here swill. Pay a variety of seen what? The dark nous hides job. Oh, you're looking at the next Marcos pizza crast! I'm a fresh made by end today I am Optimus Prime! No one's ever beat me! I'm a pirate. Welcome aboard