Hispanic-accented English narration

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This demo encompasses Hispanic-accented English narrations for documentaries, audio books, business presentations and some radio & TV commercials.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Spanish (General) Spanish (Latino) Spanish (South American - General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Martine D'Arrigo. Yes, Spanish soldier and family man. This soldier from Astoria, Spain, was on the 15 65 expedition with his wife, your Nordea Morales, and their Children. Son joined Geronimo in 15 66. Their son, Martinique O, was the first Spanish born in Florida. Georgian Kathy knew they needed someone to look out for them. They wanted a lawyer that they could trust and one with a lot of experience in handing their type of case. A trusted friend recommended a certain lawyer. They are experienced and hardworking. It is a feast for the eyes, amigo, on a weakening of the senses. And it all begins with a kiss. L best so. The cantina restaurant from the quality ingredients told the passion in every bite. Tired of the same old food. Want something more exciting? Come see me at my place on Pacific Avenue, and kids of all ages will enjoy my fried Oreos Desert denied Amigos History tells us Taco dinner. Two states waas cooked up to reward workers for their life off oil. A tackle market owner. The heritage with a platter off two lines. Crispy tacos, complete with fresh letters, diced tomatoes and riel shredded cheese with a side or fluffy rise and savory beans are spare. Tradition on old El Paso strives to make any meal extraordinary. I should know, amigo. Mexican night is my favorite night of the week In 17 85 when Spain's Bannon tequila fell upon Mexico, brave men continue to produce the tequila underground. They crafted a tequila that Waas truly toe die for only one day. Gila remembers their sacrifice. Godman, if you are reading this letter, then I have died. There's so much I wish I had told you. Every time I tried, I got scared. I wanted to protect you. Just like I promised Mama and Papa Bardon, Senor. But this in your it guys coming with me. Read the sign on the door. This is my office and this is what I do for a living dog. Hman Don's eyes My name, Occult detective, but a normal investigator. I protect the humans from the monsters and vice versa. Bena mean unduly Saxon. No one expects a coward to take responsibility for a sections. You make me sick. How is that for clarity?