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community getting together, having fun. We used to find it at parties or clubs, but more and more we're doing it on our computers. It's easy. You don't have to dress up, do your hair take a shower. Just that your stinking but right down in front of the computer post that younger looking picture of yourself. And there you are, out in the network the next. What is networking anyway? A few years ago, when that term came out, well, faked, but none of us really knew how to do it. And her Facebook Facebook came along like networking for Dummies made it easy. You join up, add some friends, and if you don't really have any friends, don't worry. I've managed to get a bunch of friends from that helpful sidebar Facebook calls suggested friends there. For people like me who don't have many friends, the suggested Friends column is like Friend of the week. Some people I've met have, like 500 for friends, pages and pages of people that click that confirm is a friend Button. To me, that's a stressful decision. A friend request comes in from someone I don't really know that well, and I consider dough. I want them thinking we're friends now. Will they start calling me up to go for coffee? But just a stressful is clicking the ignore button. Now I have offended some wacko who's gonna be calling me to ask why or