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This is Mr White. Mr White is an adviser. He works for a small to medium professional services firm. He's good at his job and has worked hard over the years to build up a solid clientele. But we had a forecast during the month that was 23 degrees too high. We'll take a look at that again in a second. The last table is the drill down table. It shows only our forecast for the next level down. Dr. Bob used to spend hours a day doing paperwork. Then he switched to an E. M R. To help him do is charting Elektronik Lee. But instead of making his life easier, the EMR trapped him in a world of templates, forcing him to fit his medical thinking into countless lists and menus. It's no longer just a phone call from a friend to another. It's a single post on a social media site. Alex is trying to solve the problem with check scanning technology, but the tellers have to share it. Microsoft Consulting Services helped make Atlas a reality in record time, with a little conviction and a strong dose of willpower. This could become your reality because the hardest part can be figuring out what to say