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Recent commercial demo of fun spots I enjoyed recording!

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my kids are do it yourself first by nature. That's why the fisher price action workshop in action tools are designed like the real thing, do it yourselfers feel like they're really doing it themselves. It's all in a day's fun. If you think we're just four wheels and a grill, think again, the jeep, grand Cherokee redefines freedom. So what makes jeep you do? What's as fast as a cheetah, small as a mouse and can swing from trees. Find out next on Discovery kids giving the right gift is easy. Just follow these simple steps first, pick up a bottle of jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, got it good second. Get some wrapping paper and ribbon. Yeah, it's like wrapping a tennis racket. They're gonna know what it is. But that's part of the charm by shopping at target. You help us give 5% of our income to education the arts and social services. Your do glittery doesn't cost you any extra but it adds up to over three million a week. Thank you for calling General mills. What we connect you with someone who can help, Let's talk about cheerios and Froot. Yeah, you heard that right. Fruit real fruit. Have you ever noticed what happens when you turn on a movie? It's amazing. You just sit back, hit play and poof. Suddenly it's you and your family, You remember them, your family, some of them look like you dish the only tv provider tuned in to you