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A hypnotic recording

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Voice Over • Podcasting


this recording gives an idea of my voice, of course pace, pitch and tone can be adjusted as needed

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US General American (GenAm), US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)


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We will now set the intention Teoh, heal your tender, broken art and to invoke the happiness, peace, an emotional maturity that you desire in your life. Let us come into this moment. Let us be truly present in this moment. How many moments in the past have you been in and you really haven't been truly present for them. And as you close your eyes down and just begin to turn your thoughts in words and center yourself, and as we dive into this moment, take a breath deeply in a li and then exhaling all of the stale air out of your lungs. We've got some important work to do today, so let's begin to put aside a lot of your busy thoughts. Imagine some form of movement instead of focusing on them way. Don't need thes thoughts right now. See something flowing are moving a river or a stream the waves of a beach Gently washing away those thoughts and attach your thoughts to those waves and see your thoughts and appear and then move them outside of your mind. Imagine them washing or blowing away, but a lot of our busy thoughts outside. That's it as we gently move from you being your thoughts. You seeing them? Your thoughts are not. You wear going to go from a state of doing to a state of being. And if random thoughts come up, you know where to put that. Take another big breath in and find this moment this new moment. And to get in this moment, I sometimes allow myself to feel my body to ground myself. As we're doing healing and your heart, we are going to go into your body. Bring all of your attention to your body. Start at your feet. Feel your feet touching the service beneath you. Wiggle those toes and bring all of your attention to those loving feat that get you to where you need to be. Each and every day, feel them feel your ankles, your cans. You're strong gas that keep you walking, your knees, your lovely knees that keep you moving. They keep your flexible bending and flowing through life. I noticed any stress. Do not do anything in this moment to fix this, just observe what your body in your heart might be feeling and feel the connection behind these feelings. Feel your thighs feel them connected to your behind. You're behind is touching something. Feel it, acknowledge it on the surface it is resting upon. It cushions you. Every time you sit on it, feel the support. Feel the small of your back, Then move forward and tear abdomen. Exhale all of the stale air out once again Take a big breath Failure, abdomen and long This full of air air being moved through it now and releasing any pain or any hurt that you are carrying with you And now feel the entire lower part of that body beneath you, supporting you and carrying you through life. And now focus all of your attention on your upper body. Feel your chest rise and deep.