Excerpt from \"All The Kings Men\" by Scott Leddy

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Several video cameras mounted to tripods linger in the far corner ready to capture the grisly action. The stark revelation realized his hands tremble and beads of perspiration dot his forehead with limited panoramic view. The bound man notices a hunched figure looming over a long wooden counter. A radio blares in the background. Belting out Frederic chopin's barca role and f sharp back turned and unrecognizable. The mysterious stranger brandishes a carving knife atop the counter are other apparatuses of pain. A car battery and jumper cables, duct tape knives, scalp als a scanner, syringes and various power tools. I work for the newspaper. I can write an article about you helping to explain your point of view. The man strapped to the table declares he attempts to plead his way out of an unpleasant situation. I know who you are and what you do, Mr Radu. If I thought for one second that you can help me in my quest to rid the world of all this scourge and filth, you would not find yourself in this most unfortunate circumstance. It is your news agency that calls me a boogeyman. I am not the monster you portray me to be. I am doing the world a great service by ridding the planet of that, which plagues society. The figure asserts still shrouded in obscurity, fiddling over some medical equipment. How do you justify the slaying of young, defenseless Children? Radu asks, trying to prolong his fate. They are nothing more than diseased vermin objects from manipulation. A burden on society. A voice both sinister and deprecating replies. Who are you to judge them so harshly? What gives you the right to take a life? You are not God. Radu becomes heeded. God is the reason that I am doing what I am doing. He is a vengeful and judgmental God. He is not the only one capable of taking a life. I do not consider myself a sanctimonious man. I do the devil's bidding. Chilling giggles echo. What do you plan on doing with me? Radu asks, panic floods his voice. Let's just say that when I'm done with you, your own mother will not recognize you do not fret. However, you will soon make history. You are about to become famous. The world will soon learn your name consumed with dread. Radu squirms desperately attempting to free himself. It is pointless to struggle, Mr Radu, save your energy. You can scream. If you prefer, No one can hear you down here in the pit. In fact, I prefer if you scream, I will enjoy every moment of your agony. Unfortunate for you. I will do my best to prolong your pain and suffering. The thrill gives me quite the rush.