Male English American Audiobook - Young Adult, some character voices



audiobook sample from a young adult series. Teens, professor, big bad guy

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Unexpectedly everything goes black. Closing the door behind him is a tall man with a long black robe with blood red streaks going down the sides. He locks the door. Harrison scoots closer to the edge trying to get a better look with this huge hood over his head. The mysterious robed figure stands there as Mr Gardner waddles quickly to him. Who the heck is that? JT whispers? Let's try to listen to what they say Harrison responds. See, I told you I would be here. Not many people would get me out of bed at midnight. Mr Gardner says the mysterious rogue man stands there. Don't small talk me. You know why we are meeting? I have given you more than plenty of time to find what I am seeking. The mysterious rogue man replies with his strong baritone voice carrying throughout the room. Why does his voice sound like that? It doesn't even sound normal. Now, I have been working hard to try and find again. I said, don't small talk me