Character Reel 2017



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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General)


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Welcome to the firing ground, Captain. My name is Colonel Rear, and I've been chosen by the High Command to supervise project Does I've put up with your rebellious antics, but this time you've defaced school property. Common. Dela cruz U R Spells go find Graham. Assume cookies to keep her mouth Should. Molasses is repeating a butter. None of that crummy chocolate chip garbage. Excuse me. Does any of you people's mind if we not for to stop it at Houston? My boss asked me for two way. Get move on. And, you know, we can just miss out. Turn right, And we very behind schedule is okay. Always farm. Bob Idea. What do you think, Moulds? We'll be tired. Looked quicker. We could get to the clubbing now. Joy. Oh, my God. I can't believe like she's just gonna, like, miss out an entire stop. Be calm and relaxed. Way won't be so late for school now, is it? Think about it. I Yeah, I'm on the bus. Oh, no. The traffic's really, really slow. Please take her paper. Boise, It's from my church house. Sorry, darling. Ah, now I'm no Internet sore thing. That's how all right no problem. God. Maeda's are different, isn't it? Oh, my God. Did I just hear a cat or my guy I met? I heard it is well, although for a minute there, I thought it was my stomach. Ah, we look at the little kitten in the basket. Well, yeah. Cat name. She's called Tilly. She's not very well at the moment. I'm taking it to the vet. Has she been vomiting? Chilli? Isn't that a beautiful name? Me a quick bring the bill men over Wasn't gonna muck floury every way you get. Excuse me, Miss him. Is that a toilet on this train?