CATastrophe (English)

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A villain of unknown origin, said to be half man, half cat, seeks humanity's downfall for a cat-dominated era. Was he a rogue scientist, splicing his genes? Or a troubled 40-something with stolen tech? The truth remains shrouded, lost in enigma.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Once the power grid is under my control, they'll have no choice but to roll over and accept me as their new pharaoh. You hero wannabe sure are annoying but no matter cats always land on their feet. So tell me what of you is the human out of the way? Did a human fall from a clever trap? None of you have a tale to tell a little story for me perhaps. Yo tell me it's a game of foot. Why is the game I thought? Ah, excellent. So the human is dead. Is the human alive or not dark cloud? Is that what I've been calling my plan? Dark cloud, dark storm. Yes. Yes, because like a powerful dark storm, I will make my presence known to the world like a sipping mist. I will creep in the human center of power and make them quick in fear at the very mention of my name. Ah.