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Death On Ocean Boulevard - Audio Book Demo

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Audio book and narrative demo reel

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death on ocean boulevard inside the Coronado Mansion case. Chapter One, A man sounding flustered and out of breath, made a 911 call to the Coronado Police Department at 6 48 on a Wednesday morning, I got a girl hung herself in the guesthouse, the caller said, but he didn't know the address. It's on ocean boulevard across from the hotel. The same place that you came and got the kid yesterday. The caller was Adam Shacknai, whose brother, Jonah, a multimillionaire pharmaceutical tycoon owned the historic beachfront home just down the street from the hotel Del Coronado. Adam, a 47 year old tugboat captain who hauled barges up and down the Mississippi River. Either forgot or didn't know that Jonas summerhouse was a local landmark known as the Spreckels Mansion. He also sounded so confused that he got the timing wrong about the day paramedics had attended to his nephew after a tragic fall from an interior balcony. The police dispatcher promptly passed Adam over to the fire dispatcher who needed an address to send paramedics. What's wrong? She asked. She hung herself, man. I just woke up, Adam said, panting in a five minute 911 call, peppered with grunting cussing and a mysterious eight second muted pause. After Coronado police officers pulled up to the cream colored mansion. A few minutes later They entered through the front door which was wide open and scurried through the house to the rear courtyard. They're not in the guesthouse. As Adam had stated, they found the body of a woman in her early 30s lying on the grass next to the brick walkway between the main house and the guesthouse. But this was no ordinary death scene. Mhm. Mhm.