Feminine, announcer, clear, intelligent, persuading, enticing, friendly, sexy, sophisticated. Cara Jones has been heard by millions around the world, as: The voice of the GPS car navigation systems of the Jaguar, models of the Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Cadillac, Ford, and Lincoln. Announcer of the winners at the nightly awards ceremonies of the 1998 Winter Olympics at Nagano. Narrator of segments of a popular Los Angeles television show. Host of weekly radio series with Barry White, voiced hundreds of TV commercials including spots for Toyota with Christian Slater, very successful ads for Shick, Canon and more. The voice of characters in million-selling Playstation and Sega games, such as Shenmue, Einhander, and Tekken 3. 8 years as a prime-time DJ on the #1 FM radio station in Tokyo. * IVR phone system recordings and voicemail greetings (in English and Spanish) for major corporations.

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