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A dark, languid scene...

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Young Adult (18-35)


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ruby stared out her window, watching the fog creep with finger like tendrils over the cliff's edge and onto the mainland. It cascaded in from the ocean, carrying dark things inside things Her mother said, would eat her if she ever wandered into the fog. A bundle of garlic, bay leaf and mandaric was tied to her window sill twirling like a hanged man. The twilight sky faded further, hiding the ocean and the fog in darkness, still ruby stared at the horizon as she had every evening for a month, waiting to see if her father's boat might appear. She wondered how long she would keep looking, How many years would it take for her to accept that he was gone and not coming back, like so many other sailors taken by the fog? Never seen again, eaten by the monsters within. Now the ocean was swallowed by nightfall. If she opened her window she could hear it, but she didn't dare. The fog would get in. She could see the white mist pressing against the glass as if trying to find a place where it could slip through, ruby laid back in her bed, ginger hair fanning out over her pillow. Something ate away at her from the inside out, chewing at her stomach. Dad, the fog, what do I do then? There was a knock at the door, ruby turned her head and felt know somehow knew that it was for her. She stood up walking past her mom's bedroom to the front door when she opened it, some fog crept in and swirled up against her feet like a cat. On the other side of the door stood a monster.