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Sensual Desires: adult online audio series for couples

Voice Over • Audiobooks


Digital erotic series based on out Denmark. Completed 6 of 6 episodes in the series. Sensual descriptions; adult content; podcast; enticing; sexy; adult play

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


US African American, US General American (GenAm), US Mid-Atlantic


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
lean back. Lady's voice was solved as a kiss. As she whispered back in between her gasps, she was so close. A ringtone pierced the air. Lydia threw a glance at her bag that was resting on the bedside table. Claude followed her gaze, then kissed her stomach. He asked if she was going to get it. He didn't stop kissing her though Lydia's side and with a pained expression, pulled herself away to pick up the phone. The deep voice on the line came as no surprise. Kwame, with a deep breath. Lydia paid lip service to her husband. How are you? I'm fine too. How was work? No, I'm not doing the same project. Yes, I'm working late again. As she spoke, Lydia scanned the hotel room for her clothes and observed the trail they had left behind them on their frenzy. Earlier slowly she followed the trail and dressed herself item by item, her underwear, her trouser, her bra, her blouse. Meanwhile, Cloud watch her every move, observing her shape, her grace, her poise. Lydia wrapped up her phone call and hung up Kwame's exasperation didn't affect her. Here she was with Claude right now, Claude reached through her blouse and sucked her breast, slowly letting his tongue swirl around her nipples. Lydia called him on before it could escape. Claude moved his mouth around her body and she relinquished his tongue against her skin was nearly too much to bear. She knew Quami was waiting for her, but her brain and her crotch had different ideas. She could feel herself getting closer edging nearly there. Claude looked up at her, his eyes inviting her to ****** just as she felt she was about to finish. Her phone buzzed again. Quami a message to this time. With a sigh, she pried claws head away from her body. She needed to go ****** or no ******, grabbing her bag, She planted one last kiss on his soft lips and gave him a quick wave before she hurried from the hotel room. As she rushed downstairs and into the car, she tied up her hair and adjusted her blouse. She gave herself a quick once over before turning on the ignition and gazed out of the window as she began her journey home. Soon she would be back home with her husband and yet her body was aching for Claude.