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    Flirt Voices

    The flirt is a character who desires romantic attention, either from a single person or from many, and tries to attract it through speech and action. The flirt may not be after any long term connection, and instead enjoys the feeling of attention, sometimes flirting solely for his or her own amusement. Other flirts may genuinely be attempting to spark a romantic relationship with individuals they like.

    The flirt typically has a degree of charisma or otherwise has desirable social traits, though some do not, and that is usually a determining factor in how successful the character’s flirting is. The flirt changes tone, pace of speech, and volume when he or she sees a person of interest. The flirt may use flattery, humour, exaggerated stories or other tactics to gain, and maintain, the attention of his or her person of interest. The flirt may be shy or bold, serious or frivolous. The flirt can often be seen in social settings, such as at parties, dances, commercial or public events, bars and clubs. The flirt may also be seen in workplaces or schools, though he or she is less likely to be a flirt in these settings. Flirts also love to engage in small talk and banter, and may laugh often. Flirts are often playful, and like to entertain or be entertained.

    The flirt can be seen most often in the romance, comedy and drama genres. The flirt may have many different motivations, ranging from desire for attention or desire for a partner, but ultimately all flirts act with the same goal of attracting attention and showing affection. Watching flirts and applying your own romantic qualities can help you learn how to voice a flirt.