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Role as the whispers in a girls head in a NYU short film and a range

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Voice Over • Animation


This sample is a range of my voice in auditions, samples, and roles to get a feel of the variety of ages, accents, emotions, and genders I can convey, in specific it includes my one working sample from my job with NYU film as the voiceover for the voice in a girls head.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
mm you've reached Betty Crawford. I'm either not home or in the mood so you need to maybe I'll call back riverside property. How can I help you? This is Elizabeth. Hi mar. What's up? Mm hmm. Did you, did you check out the video I sent you about a week ago. Okay. When you watch the video, just follow step by step what he says? Okay, you should have told me this earlier because it is going to take me several days to get someone inside and it's not going to be cheap. Yeah. In the future. Just try to let me know these things earliest I can get someone is next Tuesday. Mhm. Oh and we are turning off the hot water because there's renovation. It should be back by 10 p.m. tonight. You were going to be okay. All right. Yeah, I'm fine. Um Our goodbye. There are some places in the world that keep the sagas of man alive. You might think nothing of a rural town between corn fields with little more than one stop sign. But it's in this place called Kirkwood where the first five gave birth to fantasies that formed themselves into new realities. In the full moon night. You can hear the coyotes howl as they sing the songs of stories written by the hand of man. Oh, you don't even begin to impress me. In fact, your three parts clever and one part coward. Now leave me close the dog behind you. Please! Margot's marcos! Enough marcos, it's six in the ******* morning. Shut the ******* music off marcos. I swear to God, I will throw you out of this apartment. Shut the music off! Now. Mm. You've reached Betty Crawford. I'm either not home or in the mood so you need to. Maybe I'll call back. The dragon warrior is an abomination. An air made from a fool's ambition. Young lady. Your feet hang off the edge. It's time for a new bed. Oh yes. I just want to make sure that you remember that you have your first jujitsu class this afternoon. Well I'm glad you're excited. But there is one thing I have to tell you that will probably be less excited about. After jiu jitsu. Today. We're going down to dr minis office to get our vaccines. Wait, Your name is actually sensor. So sense a sense a Exactly honey. You see what happens when we don't let our fears get the best of us. Oh, I don't know. I wasn't there everywhere. I look. I see the repulsive sight of hundreds. Thousands of revolting little Children inhale. Exhale, inhale, exhale In with life. Out with stress. We barbecued and had margaritas the other night. It was sublime. You really did a great job. I have my work cut out for me on that note. Emotional seismograph. Lay it on me. Well we've talked about proper anger. Normal human expression of displeasure. Did you say anything, no matter what state of emotion you're in. You're not a thing. Perhaps. But let me ask you. Are you a thing when you're hungry? When you're tired when you're aroused? How you need to accept that part of you. You not a thing. What if it's not about what you want? But what what's best for you? Acceptance of what is healthy? It can be hard to face that we don't have complete free will but that's not unique to you because of your condition. That's life, reality. That's what you want. More of right reality you can choose, recognize the power you have to accept what you can't change. I know you don't belong there but it's still human beings being human sharing of themselves connecting. That's good for you, wow. What about c tremors do you think sea snakes like cents C. Tremors too? Was there like a council of like sea snake elders or whatever who had called a meeting before that ship sunk in africa? Speaking of africa and sunken ships, The west african man who claims to have swam across the atlantic ocean to deliver a warning to America has been finally released after weeks of treatment at the Frederick Pell psychiatric hospital today the hospital isn't making any common at this time but our very own in house psychiatrist dr Gooding suspects that this african man may have suffered from an acute case of disassociative amnesia. The man is returning to the convent of ST martin depor's the same convent whose nuns discovered him on a jersey ashore where he'll receive care and prayer nexus. They're coming from underground weapons up mod 8 80 nexus, Get them off the ground now nexus, go with them and everyone keeps their cameras switch on clear mont any information about these creatures? He is not making any sense. He has gone feral. I am not taking any chances. Yeah. Uh there's a man standing outside my house. He's holding a knife. Oh God, he's holding a knife. A mask. He's wearing a mask and six rings. Yes, one very sparkly glove on on the hand. He's holding the knife with Oh God, he's walking towards me. He's moonwalking towards me. Oh my God. Uh huh. That's the problem. You're expecting to rejoice in his return. You're wearing the same shirt you had on yesterday. If you want to make the Chief of Police one day, you're going to have to put on a clean iron shirt every morning and you need to spit shine policy dress shoes as well. Oh, all your new Florsheim shoes are all scuffed. It was about four or five days into my stay when the night happed the most terrifying night of my young life. At this point, I was still the newest patient in the ward. So it really got to me when two of the nurses came into the room I shared with several other boys and turned to one of them, Michael and send a calm, controlled voice. Okay, It's time. You know what happens now, Michael put his head down in submission and walked behind the nurses as they exited the room. No one said anything as they left. Maybe I had seen too many movies, but I had a horrible fear that they were going to take him somewhere and beat him. Or worse, I could hear him starting to shout aggressively from down the hallway, but no one in the room reacted not even after the nurses walked back into the room, smiling and laughing. I was so freaked out after they left the room. I could not keep it in. And I asked, I had to ask one of the other patients what just happened? He looked at me and started laughing, cadence. Classical, sell it luxury analogy. I'm scared. Premier it. Oh no, no. Take down frequency. Derek, A V Flight Platitude Center. The car phobic to finish straight. Eradicate for it. Fantastic. Talk about